Center for Brownfields Research and Redevelopment, University of South Florida


Site / Project Name

Harvest Hope Park

Brownfield Site Address

Northwest corner of 137th Avenue and 20th Street, Tampa FL 33613

Site Owner

University Area Community Development Corp, Inc.

Clear Title


Owner Contaminator


Former Use

Unknown; recently former Police Athletic League and then vacant land, and now is being turned into a park with a community garden and educational classroom and kitchen. Plans are to create a multi-purpose sports field, playground, walking trails, outdoor fitness area, parking spaces, and a bus pull in.

Land Use

The Harvest Hope Park site is surrounded by vacant/abandoned lots (some serving as informal solid waste dump sites), apartment complex rentals, single family housing, and commercial properties in a low income/underserved community.


The site is zoned primarily residential and is surrounded entirely by commercial (and some former industrial) properties (including gas/service stations), located less than one mile from a major highway and less than one mile from the University of South Florida. It is located in the northern part of the City of Tampa.

Assessment Level


There has been no Phase I ESA at this site.


Current potential contaminants include those associated with solid waste disposal and visible pollution of the local wetland and pond site (Hillsborough County EPC designated). There is also potential for groundwater contamination. The property immediately adjacent to the southwest of the site was designated Florida Brownfield Site ID# BF290001001, Robbins Manufacturing Pole Storage Yard, bounded by 131st Ave., Fletcher Ave., Nebraska Ave., and N. 15th St.; BSRA on 08/28/2000; remediation of arsenic contamination (>3.7 mg/kg soil, FDEP Rule 62-770) completed/NFA issued 08/27/2004 for a portion of the site; currently zoned residential: Royal Palm Key Apartments.

Cleanup Program






Lara Consortium (engineer) and Cadstruct (contractor)

Future Use

Don't know

Recreational park

Financing Tools: Federal Programs


Financing Tools: State Programs


Financing Tools: Funds Committed

Funds provided by Hillsborough County through U.S. HUD CDBG program, and private donations


Financing; Assessment and Cleanup of property; Public support

The diversity of projects planned for the park (fish pond, community garden, athletic field, walking trails, on-site kitchen/programming, playground) and making them all accessible for the community

Technical Assistance

Not sure
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