Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Resources

Revolving Loan Funds (RFLs) are a widely used financing tool, but they are sometimes misunderstood or underutilized. RLFs are a gap-financing measure that can effectively address a wide range of economic development, including infrastructure, small businesses, and redevelopment. A RLF is a self-replenishing pool of money, utilizing interest and principal payments on old loans to issue new ones. While the majority of RLFs support local businesses, some target specific areas, such as health care, infrastructure development, and environmental cleanup.

CDFA Brownfields Financing Webinar Series: Reaching Your Redevelopment Goals with Brownfields Revolving Loan Funds
As part of the CDFA Brownfields Technical Assistance Program, the fifth installment of the Brownfields Financing Webinar Series highlights the key features of a successful Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund and the commonalities and challenges...
Unlocking the Development Finance Toolbox in Rural America
The Rural Financing Best Practices by CDFA explores how rural communities can leverage a wide range of tools and approaches to build on their assets, protect their resources, and make strategic investments that offer long-term benefits for residents...
Milltown Park Brownfield Case Study
Association for Redevelopment Initiatives' case study of Milltown Park, a former mill site that was redeveloped using TIF and a USDA Rural Housing Super Green-LEED Platinum Loan.
Banking on Infrastructure: Enhancing SRFs for Transportation
Brookings highlights recent state and federal infrastructure programs that stretch public and private dollars and support the kind of infrastructure investments necessary to build the "Next Economy".
Greening The Bottom Line With Green Revolving Loan Funds
This report from Sustainable Endowments Institute explores 'Greening the Bottom Line' and financing mechanisms that can be utilized to access affordable energy efficiency. The document specifically focuses on Green Revolving Funds (GRFs) which are...
Economic Development Function of EPA/Environmental Programs
Charlie Bartsch of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency covers a number of development finance tools to support brownfields redevelopment.
CDFA Revolving Loan Fund Resource Center
The CDFA Revolving Loan Fund Resource Center is a one-stop hub for all of the resources, reports, headlines, and projects that CDFA collects and publishes related to revolving loan funds (RLFs). Find links to resource tags, market reports, original...
How the Tool Works: Revolving Loan Funds
This CDFA "How the Tool Works" profile addresses revolving loan funds (RLFs), which use interest and principal payments on old loans to issue new ones. The factsheet discusses the basics of RLFs and fund capitalization sources, and also provides...
DF Perspectives 3: Tips for Managing Your RLF Program
This article providing fund capitalization, RLF committee, program marketing, and loan servicing tips for revolving loan funds was written by CDFA Education & Programs Director Katie Kramer and appeared in the third issue of Development Finance...
City Builds Momentum in Redeveloping its Brownfields
Two partnering hospitals received state and federal assistance to convert a brownfield to a new cancer-treatment center, as presented in this case study from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The paper provides a detailed review of the...
Revolving Loan Fund Reference Guide
The Revolving Loan Fund Reference Guide offers an in-depth look at RLF program development, implementation and management. This guide demonstrates how a RLF program can complement economic development strategies, encourage investment and assist...
Unlocking Brownfields Redevelopment: Establishing a Local Revolving Loan Fund Program
This EPA publication explains the basics of setting up and successfully administering a local brownfield revolving loan fund. The various participants and different types of loan products are discussed in addition to other factors to consider in...
Revolving Loan Fund Sources
This resource created by Urban Capital Solutions lists several federal, state, and private RLF capitalization sources with links to their specific programs. Examples of agencies listed include the EPA, HUD, USDA and the MacArthur Foundation.
Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund Pilot Program
This resource looks at the EPA's brownfields programs. Since 1997 the EPA has expanded the scope of eligibility for the BCRLF pilot applicants. This resource gives readers an understanding of the BCRLF loan program, eligible properties, the...
CDFA Spotlight: Revolving Loan Funds (RLFs)
CDFA Fact Sheet covering the basics of how Revolving Loan Funds (RLFs) work with resources for creating, capitalizing and implementing a program.

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